Nullify We Lives

[sing we incites below in proper time & sync’d to the song below. we wanted record we version but there no karake edition of this Top 40 hit!!!! rip Lou]


We don’t know jus where we going
But we gone try for Verizon, if we can 
'cause it makes we feel like we in Duckworth's van
When we put a halfsmoke into we veins
After spiced meats, things aren’t quite the same 
When we dribbling on the run
And we feel just like Shammgod’s son
And we guess that we just don’t know
Like Kwame, we just don’t know

We have made the big decision
We gone try to nullify we lives
'cause when the blood sausage begins to flow
When the desperation three launches toward the net
And the Wiz closing in on death
And Twitter can’t help we now, you guys
And all you sweet girls and your trouble with Tribbles
You can all go take a crabdribble
And we guess that we just don’t know
Like Steez, we just don’t know

We wish we wuz born a thousand years ago 
We wish that we’d sail the Potomac seas
On a great big Sea Dogs ship
Going from this Wheaton land to that
In a tanktop & Jahidi thong
Away from non-spiced dongs
Where machosensuous men can truly be free
Of all of the evils of this town
And of weself and those around
Oh, and we guess that we just don’t know 
Like Gil, we guess that we just don’t know

Wizards, be the death of we
Wizards, it’s we wife and it’s we life 

Jab a merkin into we veins
Leads to the center in we heads
And then we better off dead 
Because when the halfsmoke begins to flow 
We really don’t care no mo
About all the Ernies in this town 
And all the politicians makin’ sounds 
And Ted puttin’ paywalls down
While failed Wiz contracts pile up in mounds

'cause when the halfsmoke begins to flow
Then we really don’t care no mo
Ah, when the halfsmoke is in we blood
And that blood is in we heads
Then thank Shammgod we as good as dead 
Then thank your sham God of which we not aware 
And thank Shammgod that we just don’t care!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And we guess we just don’t know
And we guess we just don’t know

cleaning supplies found @ Verizon Center


Neil Wax

Matsuo Bashō is so jelly!!!

it was UNSECO World Pemtry Day so we wroted haikkus to celebrate like japanese TS Eliot with fetish 4mens in short pants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

    1. Arenas dreams of / electric sheep, finga gunz / and Bourré payoffs

    2. It’s almost closing / time. Let’s munch blood sausages / to salute world peace

    3. Bracket we sad souls / with tinctures of half smoke juice / and salty airballs

    4. Skipped work for worthless / games and skipped life for worthless / work. Kill we. Kill. We.

    5. Cold snaps in we souls / turns to warm sharts in we thongs. / Thank you, Lord Half Smoke

    6. Steve Buckhantz’s bracket / has been broken since 1999. / Play-by-play death spiral.

    7. Trevor Booker ain’t / big but he seem like he on / some beefy man ish

    8. Hide behind a wall? / Tear down the wall, lift your soul, but / JWall max contract???

    9. dookie in his shoe / only donuts in stomach / pay the man Ernie

    10. Spring has sprung for Jan / but Jan will never spring for we. / Akimbo moisture

    11. we always take off work for 1st day March Madness. ….. JUS KIDDING!!! Hate college hoops & havent workd in 6 years!!!!

    12. Brackets around we / souls, lost in the nettings of / weak college half smokes

    13. Only God creates / these Executive Nachos / But who will kill them?

    14. Feeling down again? / Bradley Beal will lift you up! / Half smokes so gassy

    15. wherefore my Okafor rises to rebounds/tho sounds of emptiness echo through the phone booth/yet he still rises

    16. Nene, you may may / go play play, all day day, so / machosensuous

    17. Humble Lord gave we / this Kevinseraphinlife / and moist French ticklers

    18. Poems and puppets / bring incites to our sad lives / Half smokes burn bumbums

    19. The Beal ankle is / weak and his jump shot is strong / Half smokes make great casts

    20. Wiz, a mystery / wrapped in a moist enigma / stuffed in a half smoke

Mundane Failure

so xcite bout wiz comin strong on!!! so is tedddy take:

"We are now 7-3 in our last ten games. That is the third best record in the East over the last ten games.

We are now five games over 500 since John Wall returned to practice and since we beat OKC at home.”

tedddy take, let we add that wiz now in 12th in east & 8.5 out of playoffs & brad beal so cute & nene is best complainer in league!!


all the rampant turgidity make we think of this 5th century incite: 

As clouds pass in the sky above, so disease billows about us at all times testing us with clouds of illness. We are like a besieged city, with a thousand gates, ever vulnerable, faced with defeat. Why should we be stupidly proud, combing our foolishness into an idiocy? All of us know this, but every dawn brings forth a forest of hopes. Our hard-earned truths jut out, passed over in favor of a dream. All the mundane victories: wealth, status, power, progeny, unlimited extension of ourself, our name and reputation to resound down throughout time somehow beyond our death even as we live forever. All success like this lies easily within the grasp of death and hence destruction. Everything like this without doubt will be taken away from us. Mundane failure is carved upon our face, even in the womb.

-Buddhaghosa, “Path of Purification”



Sun Ra’s Ode to The Wizards

The Endless Realm

i have nothing
how really is I am…
nothing is mine.
how treasured rich am I
I have the treasure of nothing…
vast endless nothing
that branches out into realm beyond realm.
this and these are mine
together they are nothing

the idea of nothing
the notion of nations

i have the treasure of nothing
all of it is mine.
he who would build a magic world
must seek my exchange bar
in order to partake of my endless
treasure from my endless realm of nothing

Sun Ra ~ 1972


By Bachelor’s walk jogjinglejaunted Blazes Boylan, bachelor.In sun, in heat, warmseated,sprawled, mare’s glossy rumpatrot. Horn, Have you the ?Horn. Have you the ? Hawhaw horn.
Happy birthday, James Joyce.



By Bachelor’s walk jogjingle
jaunted Blazes Boylan, bachelor.
In sun, in heat, warmseated,
sprawled, mare’s glossy rump
atrot. Horn, Have you the ?
Horn. Have you the ? Haw
haw horn.

Happy birthday, James Joyce.


Leprosy ov tha East is Leprosy of the BEAST

Mother Theresa say, “Loneliness is the leprosy of the West.”

That means the Wizards are the leprosy of the East. We have so many body parts to prove it: garbage piles ov knees, rucksacks of plantar fascitis, tugboats full of hearts.

But with the return of JWall, we withered fingers have wiggled out of death sacks & reattached selves to stone hands. Cross our diseased hearts & hope to die in an Executive Nachos orgy, flickering glimpses of desire are rising from we tuberculous blankets, spreading polios of joy across F Street.

Is this happyness fleeting? Isn’t everything? 

The biggest cause of death is birth. Endless rebirth is endless death is endless life is endless.

Rejoice in this rebirth for death is imminent. But, for now, a turn-around jump shot is our jump start.

Break out the mortar, pour out the bricks: WE’RE BUILDING THE WALL.

Wall Land

Paul Simone’s “Knee in the Bubble” [edit]

it’s a turn-around jump shot

it’s everybody jump start

it’s every generation throws a hero up the ball court

medicine is magical and magical is art

the Knee in the Bubble

and the Czech with the baboon heart

and we believe

these are the days of lasers in the Fun Street

lasers in the Fun Street somwhere

staccato signals of constant information

a loose affiliation of millionaires

and billionaires and, baby,

these are the days of miracle & wonder

this is the long distance call

the way the camera follows us in slo-mo

the way we look to us all

the way we look to a distant constellation

that’s dying in the corner of the sky

these are the days of miracle & wonder

and don’t cry, baby, don’t cry

don’t cry

Voidness Is Nibbana Is Wizards


Desire is the cause of all suffering.

If you don’t want that W, you won’t feel the chill when you don’t receive it. Loss is but the other extreme of a win — walk the middle path and shun the extremes.

If the W falls in your lap, caresses your crotch, and delights you with the fairies of desire, resist. Allow the W to fall away into the night, swept away like so many half-smoke wrappers. If the L is what you wear most often on your chest, allow it to rest there like a child’s hand: soft, weightless, without malice. 

Many paths present themselves as the one true way, but one who fills his lamp with water will not throw light on the trail to nibbana. More simply, you cannot start a fire with rotten firewood, or a #6 draft pick who can’t shoot, dribble or sell Executive Nachos to corporate suits in the suites.

Fine. Lust not. Keep your merkin tied tight.

A lotus petal grows out of mud and water, but what emerges is pure beauty. The Wizards are this close to growing into true enlightenment. Let their flowers bloom into a garden of nothingness.

Until then, engage in compassionate pity, not blood-sausage anger. Be your own refuge during this time of transformation. Imperturbable equanimity allows you to enter the sphere of nothingness, whose secret door is somewhere between Fun Street and your third eye.

The way to peace isn’t through accumulation but through loss. Shed everything. Fall into the void.

Life Incites

steinz philo

it so good to find out member of mainstream media, & man who once gave we diapers, share we same life philosophy!!! 

it make we tweet out a few incites which we compile & will add to at our convenience which is never.

  • life is a bunch of triple doubz & then u die in overtime
  • life is a bunch ov missed 3s & then a final 2 when u down by 3
  • life is a series of moral victorys, then u get free homophobic chicken & die ov poisoning
  • life is waitin for the Wizbus full of gifts & NEne hugs to come to wheaton, but all who show up is gropey GWiz onna minicycle